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Supernatural Season 8 is “more classic Supernatural”

Executive producer Jim Michaels on Supernatural Season 8, Arrow and Jensen Ackles.

Supernatural Season 8

Supernatural Season 8
Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in Supernatural Season 7

Speaking at Rogue Events‘ Asylum 8 Supernatural convention, co-executive producer Jim Michaels revealed that though Supernatural Season 8 is in its early stages, he has a fairly good idea of what to expect from the Winchester brothers and their angelic ally.

“My gut feeling is we’re going to go a little more classic Supernatural,” said Michaels, “more traditional. I’m very curious to see what the direction’s gonna be, nothings decided yet.

“We’re going out on Wednesday nights now in the US instead of Friday nights – that’s a good thing, because usually they put you on Friday to die,” Michaels continues. “And we have a great lead in, Arrow – the pilot was directed by David Nutter who also directed the pilot for Supernatural.

“We’re very excited because Arrow is getting a lot of promotion which means we’re getting a lot of promotion as well. So we’re actually happy about the time change to the Wednesday.”

Taking the criticism that Supernatural Season 7 was too dark and fans were missing out on the humour and lightness of earlier seasons on the chin, Michaels admitted, “I agree with that, I think we went a little bit too dark, too much this year.

“I think we needed a little bit of Changing Channels, French Mistake and more Party on Garth. I think we went a little bit too heavy too often this year – we killed so many good people!

“People ask why do we do that – often times, if you’re familiar with a game of chess, sometimes you have to sacrifice some of your good pieces in order to win the game overall. But in the end, don’t forget, no one really dies in Supernatural.”

Presumably, Supernatural Season 8, like Seasons 6 and 7, will include on directed by the man behind monster slaying beefcake Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles.

“How this works,” explains Michaels, offering insight into the process, “is he directs the first one we shoot, not the first one that airs. So the season opener will probably be directed by either Phil Sgriccia or Bob Singer. The reason why he directs the first one we shoot is because he’d have no time to prep for the episode.

Supernatural Season 8 is expected to air 3 October 2012 on The CW.