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Supernatural Season 8: Castiel “won’t stay crazy forever”

Supernatural star Misha Collins talks Castiel’s future and becoming a fan favourite.

Supernatural Misha Collins Castiel

Supernatural Misha Collins Castiel
Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural.

Supernatural‘s Castiel may be a fan favourite character, but as far as star Misha Collins is concerned it’s about time his angelic counterpart was treated with more respect, telling fans at Rogue Events‘ Asylum 8 Supernatural convention that he’s beginning to tire of the “crazy” Cas.

“I like crazy Cas, but I like it when he can relate fairly consistently in a conversation and not be off with the bees,” laughs Collins. “Naked and covered in honey. Spoiler!

“Sometimes Cas has this comic relief element, which is great and fun, but sometimes it also I think is at the expense of actually being grounded in reality, and I think they walk a fine line on that. Sometimes they cross the line, and that he would really know what’s going on here.

“I have a feeling that Cas is not going to stay crazy forever. That’s my suspicion. Just because it’s a little bit hard to deal with. But I think that they’re always trying to give Cas some kind of impediment in the show because the problem with the characters is that he’s Sam and Dean’s ally most of the time but he is so powerful as a being that it kinda stacks the deck in their favour too much. You want the heroes to be up against crazy odds. So they’re always finding ways to weaken Castiel or make him unconscious or crazy or evil so it’s not too easy for Sam and Dean in the show.”

As for his following beginning to rival that of the show’s beefcake brothers, Collins laughs.

“I feel terrible, honestly,” he deadpans. “I mean, put yourself in my shoes – you come along, the shows very popular, the main characters are well loved, and all of a sudden you’re well loved too? That makes me feel terrible! Just terrible.”

Supernatural Season 8 airs from 3 October 2012 on The CW. Season 7 is out DVD from 5 November 2012, preorder it now from Amazon.co.uk for £28 or on Blu-ray for £36.