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Superman versus Batman cartoon was “too dark” for TV

Beware The Batman producer Mitch Watson on the unmade Batman/Superman animated series

Beware The Batman is airing now on Cartoon Network in the US
Beware The Batman is airing now on Cartoon Network in the US

Man Of Steel 2‘s projected Superman versus Batman smackdown my be dominating geek chat, but speaking exclusively to SciFiNow, Beware The Batman producer Mitch Watson revealed that they had something very similar in mind when they first started spitballing show ideas.

“The first version was an Escape From New York kind of thing, which was a lot of fun, but I agree it was probably too dark for where they wanted to go with the show,” says Watson.

“Then we came up with the lighter version of the show, which was Batman – specifically Bruce Wayne – and Clark Kent at the beginning of their careers. The show revolved around Clark as a cub reporter coming to Gotham City, where he meets Bruce. They’re also just becoming Batman and Superman. Clark and Bruce become friends, but Batman and Superman hate each other. Then they realise who each other is, and get on the right side and end up living in the same building.

“It was, tonally, a very different approach,” he adds. “If Beware The Batman is centred in terms of tone, this was much lighter. It explored two guys in their early 20s as they were becoming heroes. That was the gist of the story. But there was just a feeling that although they really liked it, the timing for a Batman/Superman team-up show just didn’t feel right. Not yet. I can tell you that variations of that idea are always on the boards or something to possibly do, but it hasn’t happened yet.

“I think it would have been great, and maybe we’ll get a chance to do it some day.”

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