Supergirl/The Flash crossover unlikely to happen soon

The Berlanti-verse has no plans to bring Supergirl and The Flash together right now

This union is naught but a dream right now
This union is naught but a dream right now

Fans of the DC Berlanti-verse who were hoping for a Supergirl and The Flash crossover may be disappointed. CBS executive Nina Tassler has confirmed that there are no plans for the pair to meet just yet.

Tassler said: “I’m a little bit of a superhero geek and I have a lot of respect for what characters inhabit certain universes. People think ‘Oh yeah, pick up one character and let them fly over in another setting.’ You really have to be respectful and mindful of what each universe says you can and cannot do.

“Obviously we’re working very closely with DC. Our producers — Greg Berlanti is kind of the poster child for this field. I’m just saying right now we’re not doing it. We’re doing it promotionally, but we always stay open. They’re very very inventive in terms of what they can and will do in the future.”

It would be nice to see Barry and Kara meet up for some fun saving-the-world antics, but it makes sense, we guess. The shows aren’t even on the same channel. Sad face.

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