Supergirl Season 2 welcomes back Tyler Hoechlin as Superman

Supergirl hasn’t seen the last of her cousin, Clark Ken

If Season 2 of Supergirl has had one specific recurring theme, it seems as though that theme is ‘family reunions’; Supergirl and her cousin Superman… the Danvers family and its patriarch, Jeremiah (Dean Cain)… Mon-El and his parents, the king and queen of Daxam…

But the reunions aren’t over just yet. It looks like Kara is going to need the help of Clark Kent once more, as E! Online has revealed that Tyler Hoechlin is officially returning to Supergirl to don the Superman costume before Season 2 is over.

When Superman departed the show at the end of Season 2, episode 2, ‘The Last Children Of Krypton‘, things were left quite open-ended, so Hoechlin will no doubt slip back in nicely.

There are no story details available just yet, but fans can expect to see him in the currently untitled Season 2 finale, making the season start and end with a Supergirl/Superman team-up.

Hoechlin won himself fans as Clark Kent at the start of Season 2

When Hoechlin was first cast as Supergirl‘s Man of Steel, showrunner Ali Adler had some lovely things to say about him.

“[Tyler] has that light-heartedness that Christopher Reeve has, and we just love that – in the way that Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl is so natural and relatable – so that was very alluring for us about Tyler,” she told us.

“We really always gravitate towards that Christopher Reeve type because he’s more relatable and more funny, and just more grounded.”

Alongside his role in Supergirl, Hoechlin is best known for playing werewolf Derek Hale in MTV series Teen Wolf (which he starred in as a series regular from Season 1-4 before departing the show early), and more recently as frat bro McReynolds in Richard Linklaker’s 2016 comedy film Everybody Wants Some!!.

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