Supergirl Season 2 confirmed – we can breathe easy

Supergirl will return for a second season – but it won’t be on CBS

The sad news that Agent Carter won’t be getting renewed for third season has been tempered somewhat by the revelation that despite less than encouraging reports in recent weeks, Supergirl will in fact return for a second season.

However, there’s a caveat – it won’t be with its current network, CBS. Instead, The CW has taken up the reins for the show in a move that will see it join its current superhero show roster of Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow.

Inevitably, this will mean a lower budget as the show decamps from Los Angeles to Vancouver, but it will likely mean a much more secure future for the show. While Supergirl‘s ratings at around the 6 million mark would be great by The CW’s standards (The Flash is currently at just over 3 million viewers, Arrow 2 million and Legends Of Tomorrow 1.6), they weren’t quite high enough for CBS, hence it being left off its most recent renewal slate. While it’s unlikely to pull in the same number of viewers on The CW, its ready-made fanbase will definitely help in its favour.

Moreover, it raises hopes about the possibility of all the heroes appearing in the same show together. The Flash recently crossed over with Supergirl in episode 18 ‘Worlds Finest’, and without the whole network obstacle there’s a very real possibility that this could happen again. We can’t wait.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Supergirl producer Ali Adler said of the news: “Season 2 is going to be more reflective of their past and how they’re going to change their future as a result of it in a really emotional way. We definitely want to continue making more of this show.”

Supergirl is currently airing on Sky 1. For more news about the biggest TV series, pick up the new issue of SciFiNow.