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Supergirl TV show casts True Blood star as Jimmy Olsen

Find out who will play Supergirl sidekick/love interest in CBS’ new DC TV series

True Blood Mehcad Brooks
Mehcad Brooks as Eggs in True Blood

In the wake of the recent reveal that Glee and Whiplash star Melissa Benoist would be playing Kara Zor-El in CBS’s new Supergirl series, we have another announcement, with actor Mehcad Brooks being chosen as the new Jimmy Olsen, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The choice of character is an interesting one, as Olsen is better known in the comics for being a supporting character in the Superman comics, as the Daily Planet’s erstwhile photographer and close friend of both Superman and Lois Lane.

Brooks will be most familiar to genre fans as Tara’s ill-fated boyfriend ‘Eggs’ in Season 2 of True Blood, and has also popped up in episodes of Dollhouse, Alcatraz and Ghost Whisperer. He joins previous actors in the role that include Marc McClure in 1978’s Superman: The Movie and Sam Huntingdon in 2006’s Superman Returns.

The inclusion of Olsen (who as we mentioned, is better recognised as a Superman character) does leave open possibilities in terms of who else we might see. Although Supes himself showing up is still pretty unlikely, the chances of us seeing further supporting characters has just increased.

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