Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, Legends crossover gets some delightful images

Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and the Legends get together for a crossover

Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow just about blew our minds when the shows announced that there would be a four-show crossover coming this November. Now they’ve gone and released some brand new images, as if we weren’t pumped enough already.

The four-part episode, entitled ‘Heroes Vs Aliens‘, will take each show’s storylines to whole new levels. In an interview with EWArrow and Legends Of Tomorrow creator/producer Marc Guggenheim said: “This year, we’re doing by far the most ambitious crossover we’ve ever done. It’s basically a huge three-part story that also brings in Supergirl, so it’s crossing over all four shows.

“It’s telling one big epic movie of a story. It’s not setting up any other spin-offs, it’s just big, bombastic, huge action. There’s also some really poignant character moments. There’s a lot of plot lines, particularly I would say in Flash and Legends, that come to fruition in the crossover. It’s by far the most ambitious thing we’ve ever attempted. I want to say it’s by far one of the most ambitious things anyone in network television has ever attempted. It’s completely insane.”

Nice one.

Also check out this cool promo for the episode, while you’re here:

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