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Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn is getting her own film

Margot Robbie is branching out with a Harley Quinn spin-off

Suicide Squad hasn’t even been released yet, but Warner Bros. seems happy with the reaction to the trailers: there’s officially a Harley Quinn-centric movie in the works for the DC Extended Universe.

According to THR, the film won’t exactly be a solo spin-off. Harley Quinn is set to feature heavily, but she’ll also be joined by a range of other female villains and superheroes. It’s not clear yet just who will make up the rest of the line-up, but names like Batgirl and Birds of Prey has been thrown around.

Apparently Margot Robbie, who plays Quinn, was the person to build up momentum for the project after falling in love with the character while prepping for her role in Suicide Squad. It’s likely that she’ll serve as a producer as well as starring in the film.

The project already has a writer too, although her identity is being kept under wraps for now. All we know is that she’s a woman, and she’s already started work on the script.

From what we’ve heard so far, a Harley Quinn-and-friends movie sounds like an brilliant idea. Why hasn’t there been an all-female superhero/villain line-up already? Maybe this will finally be the breath of fresh air the genre needs.

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