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Suicide Squad movie is down to the success of Arrow

Exclusive: Arrow star David Ramsey on the link between the DC movies and TV shows

Deadshot and Harley Quinn on the cover of Suicide Squad #4
Deadshot and Harley Quinn on the cover of Suicide Squad #4

We caught up with Arrow Season 3 star David Ramsey, who weighed in on the role that the Suicide Squad’s appearance in Arrow might have played in getting David Ayers’ movie in motion.

“The first Suicide Squad episode was very good episode,” explains Ramsey, “and there was talk from the fans: is this a backdoor pilot? A little bit after that, we started to hear rumblings of a movie.

“At a studio level, these things are probably on the table years before the public every hears about it, but I like to think that maybe the success of our Suicide Squad maybe had a little bit to do with pushing the feature on.”

David Ramsey as John Diggle in The CW's Arrow
David Ramsey as John Diggle in The CW’s Arrow

While the multiple incarnations of characters currently on the go across film and TV – not just in the The CW’s pocked DCU, but in Gotham too – is giving fans a headache, Ramsey is far more pragmatic.

“Can the two co-exist?” muses the star. “Of course they can. They have The Flash TV show, he’s going to be in the Justice League, and maybe his own spinoff, so sure, they can co exist.

“Obviously The Flash is a different actor, but will that somehow confuse the fans? I don’t think so. But would I like to see a cohesive thing with TV and movies? I don’t know, maybe, but I don’t think it’ll hurt; I think the fans will appreciate what they do in the features and films as long as it’s a good story and put together well.

“I don’t think it has to be like Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was ,where you have the same characters from the feature become a TV character in film and back and forth. That’s one way of doing it, but not necessarily the only way. DC’s taking a different approach, and obviously the jury’s still out, but I think that if the writing continues to be as good as Arrow and Flash, they’re going to have great success in the feature world.”

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