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Suicide Squad movie gets super-gritty director

Will Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad movie bring Harley Quinn to the big screen?

Harley Quinn in the current line-up of DC's Suicide Squad
Harley Quinn in the current line-up of DC’s Suicide Squad

According to Variety, Suicide Squad – one of those long-rumoured mystery movies that Warner Bros have lined up for their DC Comics properties – has found a director.

According to the site, End Of Watch director David Ayer is the studio’s first choice, which suggests that this could be a frantic, action-orientated movie, if not R-rated than pretty damn close given the nature of the team.

First introduced in The Brave And The Bold #25 (September 1959) by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru, DC’s Suicide Squad came of age with writer/artist John Ostrander and a fan-favourite line-up that included original government hard-ass Rick Flag and a rotating line-up of press-ganged supercriminals including the likes of Deadshot, Enchantress, Blockbuster, Count Vertigo and Bronze Tiger.

Members of the John Ostrander-era Suicide Squad
Members of the John Ostrander-era Suicide Squad

It’s impossible to say which line-up might make it onto the screen given how many B, C and D-list characters have passed through the Suicide Squad‘s ranks, but it’s tough to imagine any incarnation of the team not featuring Deadshot and Rick Flag, and given the current line-up includes cosplay-favourite and fangirl icon Harley Quinn…

The big question outside the movie itself is simply: given the Suicide Squad have appeared in The CW’s Arrow, what does this mean for the divide between DC’s TV and movie empire?

Does this mean all bets are off as to which characters can appear where and are we going to be seeing two different depictions of Suicide Squad characters on the go at once?

And is that even a problem?

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