Suicide Squad extended cut trailer shows more Harley Quinn

More Harley, more Joker, more everything in Suicide Squad extended edition trailer

Much like Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice before it, Suicide Squad will be filling in some blanks with an extended edition home video release.

Also much like Batman V Superman, it’s no secret that a lot of material was cut from David Ayer’s critical maligned but high-earning superhero movie. There were fun little touches that were reported in set visits, like Killer Croc vomming up some goat and then eating it again, some reportedly more contentious moments that made the bad guys a little more obviously bad, and, of course, a reported ton of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Joker (Jared Leto) footage.

While Leto’s performance as Mr J was certainly…divisive, it’s fair to say that a lot of us are curious about how big an impact the removal of key scenes between the two characters had on the movie. Lots of moments from the trailer didn’t make it into the final cut, and this teaser shows more of Robbie’s Harley in her Dr Harleen Quinzel identity, before the toxic waste dive.

Ayer was vocal about the fact that the version of the film that hit cinemas was his cut, but Leto was just as vocal about his disappointment about so much of his work being edited out. He’s a more consisent presence in that Skrillex & Rick Ross music video more than he is in Suicide Squad, after all.

Before you go getting your hopes up too much, the additional material adds up to 13 minutes, so it’s not going to be a whole new film. But it might make more sense, and that can only be a good thing.

Suicide Squad will be available on Digital Download on 28 November, and will released on 4K, Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD on 5 December. Keep up with the latest genre news with the new issue of SciFiNow.