Suicide Squad 2 now wants Orphan’s Jaume Collet-Serra to direct

The director of The Shallows and Non-Stop is up for Suicide Squad 2

Plenty of names have been thrown around for the job of Suicide Squad 2 director, including Mel Gibson and Ruben Fleischer, but it looks like Warner Bros might have found their man.

Deadline reports that Jaume Collet-Serra is now the frontrunner to take over from David Ayer, who has moved over to Gotham City Sirens after directing the supervillain team-up’s first outing last year.

Collet-Serra has a pretty strong track record. Last year he delivered the gripping Blake Lively shark thriller The Shallows, he’s directed some solid Liam Neeson action movies (Run All Night, Non-Stop) and a bad one (Unknown), and he has a fourth Neeson movie coming out next year (The Commuter). Horror fans will know him from the House Of Wax remake that was his directorial debut, and the delirious cult classic Orphan.

Deadline notes that he’s in high demand at the moment, and has recently been attached to Waco, written by Marc Boal and Marc Haimes.

Inevitably, scheduling will prove to be the tricky thing when it comes to putting Suicide Squad 2 together, as stars like Will Smith and Margot Robbie are extremely busy. However, THR suggests that Warner Bros wants to start filming by mid-2018, and that a new script will be written following a treatment by Zak Penn.

While the first Suicide Squad movie was definitely a disappointment (at least in terms of quality, it was a box office hit), we’re willing to allow that there’s a great film to be made with these characters and this cast. If the kind of mad rushed muddle that hobbled the first film can be avoided (giving David Ayer six weeks to write the script, testing two separate edits and mashing them together, every single element of Jared Leto’s method acting technique), this could be good fun, and Collet-Serra has made consistently entertaining movies. And now we want to watch Orphan again.

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