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Stranger Things Season 2 confirmed by Netflix, praise be

Netflix announces Stranger Things Season 2 and episode titles

Obviously, we all assumed this was going to happen but it’s damn good to have confirmation nevertheless: Stranger Things will be back for Season 2.

Netflix made the announcement on its Twitter page with a video revealing the titles for the nine-episode second season.

The Duffer Bros’ supernatural drama was one of our favourite shows of the year, hitting all of our 80s nostalgia sweet spots while creating an identity all of its own. We loved the performances, from Winona Ryder’s Joyce and David Harbour’s Chief Hooper to all of the amazing kids, we loved the blend of horror, sci-fi wonder and creature feature, and we definitely loved that incredible music.

The first season ended with a couple of questions still dangling, and we’re relieved that the show’s creators will have the opportunity to answer them. Who was Hooper leaving a package for in the woods? What’s up with Will? And why the hell is Nancy with that terrible Steve?!? Steve…

Anyway, now that our “Please let Stranger Things get a second season!” wish has been granted by the powers that lie in the Upside Down, now we’ve got all our fingers and toes crossed that it can live up the incredibly high standard set by the first season. Now, let’s all rewatch Season One and have a guess about what those episode titles mean.

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