Stephen Norrington joins The Lost Patrol

Legendary Pictures to distribute this supernatural feature.

legendary_pictures_logoStephen Norrington is preparing to write and direct a supernatural war movie called The Lost Patrol, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film will be released through Legendary Pictures, a studio which is going to be exceedingly busy this year with its handling of both Clash Of The Titans and Inception.

Although plot details are scant at the moment, we do know that The Lost Patrol is set in World War II and features all manner of spooky foes. Norrington has described the project as hitting all the right “geek-buttons” and containing “hardware, heroes, grime, insane monsters”. To be honest, though, he had us at geek buttons.

But what does this mean for Norrington’s upcoming remake of The Crow? With Lost Patrol now situated at the top of Norrington’s slate, it seems that this reboot won’t be hitting screens for some time now.

For more information on Norrington’s The Crow remake, hit the link.