Stephen King’s Revival movie wants Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson up for beefy role in Josh Boone’s Revival

It was recently announced that Josh Boone would be making a film of Stephen King’s recent horror novel Revival during the long sorting-out process for his movie of The Stand. Now, the first casting rumour has dropped.

EW reports that Samuel L Jackson is “circling” the role of preacher Charlie Jacobs, which would be his third King collaboration after the underrated 1408 and the upcoming Cell.

If this rumour turns out to be true, it’s an excellent choice. Jacobs goes on a big journey throughout the book, remaining a huge presence in the life of narrator Jamie Morton. EW describes him as “a charismatic, small-town preacher who begins experimenting with the supernatural using electricity after his wife and child are killed in an accident.” We’d love to see Jackson take on this character.

Revival is about “a charismatic preacher who loses his faith when his wife and child are killed in a tragic accident. Unhinged from the religion that grounded and gave him a conscience, the preacher becomes ruthless in his experimentation into the healing but dangerous power of electrical current, positioning him to act as God-like faith healer and opening a terrifying Pandora’s Box. Intertwined with the preacher is a young man with demons of his own, who has benefited from the preacher’s talents and becomes a reluctant accomplice to his deadly obsession.”

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