Stephen King’s It remake moves to New Line

Pennywise moves studios as Cary Fukunaga’s Stephen King’s It remake leaves Warner Bros

Pennywise, about to offer poor Georgie a balloon, in Stephen King's It
Pennywise, about to offer poor Georgie a balloon, in Stephen King’s It

The long-awaited Stephen King’s It reboot has moved from Warner Bros to New Line.

THR reports that the film has changed production company as Warner Bros are changing the kind of horror film that they make following the success of James Wan’s ghostly chiller The Conjuring. New Line, of course, has a long history of horror boogeymen as the house that Freddy built.

It still has a promising amount of prestige behind it, however, as True Detective and Jane Eyre director Cary Fukunaga remains attached, having signed on back in 2012. Fukunaga is very much in demand following the huge success of the True Detective, and is currently in pre-production on drama Beasts Of No Nation.

Part of the delay seems to be due to the complicated nature of the adaptation. Currently the plan is to spread It over two films, with the first movie focusing on the Losers’ Club as kids and the second dealing with their return to Derry as adults.

Hopefully this change in studio means that production is actually getting closer to starting. It, The Stand and The Dark Tower have been teetering on the verge of getting made for so long; it’s about time one of King’s behemoth novels got rolling.

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