Stephen King’s Firestarter gets sequel TV show The Shop

Stephen King’s Firestarter will be continued with TV series sequel The Shop

firestarterStephen King’s Firestarter is getting a TV series sequel with TNT’s The Shop.

TV Line reports that TNT is developing a TV show follow-up to the story of telekinetic Charlie McGee, finding her 20 years later.

“This supernatural thriller centers on the titular organisation that once exploited the pyrokinetic abilities of a young girl named Charlie McGee. Twenty years after bringing The Shop to its knees, Charlie has been tracked down by one of its former members, Henry Talbot, who reveals that The Shop is alive and badder than ever, unleashing terrifying new entities into the world. It’s now up to Talbot, Charlie and others like her to find The Shop and destroy it for good.”

Firestarter was previously made into a not-at-all-bad film in 1984 starring Drew Barrymore, Martin Sheen, David Keith and George C. Scott, which was in turn followed by a woeful miniseries sequel Firestarter: Rekindled, starring Marguerite Moreau, Malcolm McDowell and Dennis Hopper.

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