Cell casts The Hunger Games’ Isabelle Fuhrman

The Hunger Games and Orphan star Isabelle Fuhrman joins John Cusack in Stephen King’s Cell

Isabelle Furhman as Clove in The Hunger Games
Isabelle Furhman as Clove in The Hunger Games

The film of Stephen King’s Cell is getting closer to filming and Isabelle Fuhrman (The Hunger Games, Orphan) has been cast alongside John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson.

Deadline reports that Furhman, who was announced to play the lead in David Gordon Green’s abandoned Suspiria remake, will play the film’s female lead in the post-apocalyptic horror, which presumably makes her Alice Maxwell. Cusack is playing family man hero Clay Riddell, while Jackson rounds out the lead trio as Tom McCourt.

The three characters attempt to make their way to find Clay’s family after a virus spread by cellphones turns most of the human race into murderous psychopaths.

A movie version of Cell has been in production for years, with Eli Roth attached to direct as far back as 2006. Roth dropped out in 2009, and has finally been replaced by Paranormal Activity 2 director Tod Williams. King and The Last House On The Left‘s Adam Alleca wrote the script.

You can buy Cell in paperback for £6.29 at Amazon.co.uk.