Star Wars: Underworld is “The Empire Strikes Back on steroids!”

Star Wars: Underworld is “The Empire Strikes Back on steroids!”, says producer Rick McCallum of George Lucas’ forthcoming live action TV series

Star Wars Underworld

Star Wars UnderworldStar Wars prequel producer and long-time Lucas collaborator Rick McCallum has let a few more nuggets slip about the proposed Star Wars live action TV series, Star Wars: Underworld, saying to Collider, “It’s much darker [than the movies].

“It’s a much more adult series. I think, thematically, in terms of characters and what they go through, it will be…if we can ever get it together and George really wants to pursue it, it’ll be the most awesome part of the whole franchise, personally…It’s Empire Strikes Back on steroids.

“Obviously, we changed it for where we couldn’t go in terms of language. It was to be serious performances, very complicated relationships, unbelievable issues of power and corruption, greed, vanity, pride, ego manifesting itself at levels that only equal the world that we live in now, but, as I said, on steroids.”

McCallum also expanded on that fearsome cost, apparently the only thing keeping this series off the screens, saying, “Most people who love movies and kind of understand the process realise that if you do a character like Gollum or Jar Jar or any major digital character, that costs twice as much as having Tom Cruise in a movie.

“You get 150 people working for two years on a 40 minute performance and they all make serious money, you just add it up; that’s gonna be a serious $20-30 million character. That’s our problem, how do we get that down?

“It’s not a challenge that I think can be dealt with in the next year or two years, I think it’s gonna be a little bit more longer term goal.”

It certainly sounds worth the wait…