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Star Wars TV series won’t be “Deadwood in space”

ABC won’t want a “darker” Star Wars TV show and might change the setting says insider

Chewbacca's son Lumpawaroo in the much-admired 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special
Chewbacca’s son Lumpawaroo in the much-admired 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special

According to Disney insider Honor Hunter on the Blue Sky Disney blog, the success of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD on Disney’s ABC network is causing the execs to re-examine the plans for a live action Star Wars TV series.

Originally posited as Star Wars: Underworld and described by now mysteriously vanished Lucasfilm princeling Rick McCallum as “Deadwood in space” and “The Empire Strikes Back on steroids”, Blue Sky Disney theorises “being as it would be on ABC it is unlikely that Disney would want it to be that dark.”

Adding that unlike Underworld, which was pitched neatly between the prequel and original trilogies, the jury is still out on when this one will be set.

“The narratives being discussed right now go back between making a series out of the stories they originally got written, which will be set at the dawn of the Empire,” writes Blue Sky Disney, “or creating a whole new set of adventures after the destruction of the Galactic Empire set at the dawn of the New Republic.”

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