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Star Wars: Episode VII new “canon” books revealed

4 new fully canon Star Wars books revealed to replace the Expanded Universe

Following their recent announcement that the Star Wars Expanded Universe would now be replaced by one unified canon, Lucasfilm have revealed the first in a series of new tie-in novels – one of which is a direct prequel to the new animated series Star Wars: Rebels.

The press release describes Star Wars: A New Dawn, by John Jackson Miller, as “Set prior to the events of the forthcoming animated series Star Wars: Rebels, this novel tells the story of how two of the lead characters of the series, Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla, came to cross paths.”

Star Wars: A New Dawn will be released 2 September 2014.

The other books in the series are Star Wars: Tarkin, by James Luceno, which is set for release 20 November 2014, Star Wars: Heir To The Jedi by Kevin Hearne, which is set for release January 2015, and Star Wars: Lords Of The Sith, by Paul Kemp, which will be released March 2015.

Star Wars: Episode VII is due in cinemas 18 December 2015. You can buy Star Wars: The Complete Saga for £57.99 on Blu-ray from Amazon.co.uk.