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Star Wars comics stay with Dark Horse for “near future”

Dark Horse president Mike Richardson reacts to the Disney takeover of Lucasfilm

Star Wars Dark Horse comics

Star Wars Dark Horse comics
Star Wars: Darth Maul – Death Sentence is one of the titles currently ongoing at Dark Horse

When Disney bought out Marvel Entertainment, as you’d expect, all of the licensed Disney titles ported over from Boom! Studios to be published by Marvel Comics, but according to Dark Horse – who have been publishing Star Wars tie-in titles for two decades – president Mike Richardson, the recent Disney/LucasFilm takeover is nothing to worry about right now.

“Dark Horse and Lucasfilm have a strong partnership which spans over 20 years, and has produced multiple characters and story lines which are now part of the Star Wars lore,” Richardson said to Comic Book Resources. “Star Wars will be with us for the near future. Obviously, this deal changes the landscape, so we’ll all have to see what it means for the future.”