Star Wars The Force Awakens cast hang with SciFiNow & share saga memories

Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, John Boyega and the rest of the Star Wars 7 cast talk exclusively to SciFiNow

We’ll admit it: we’re just a bit excited. After three years of waiting, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will finally hit cinemas, and anticipation is reaching fever pitch. Whatever happens, few films have inspired this much euphoria among fans worldwide. And the best part? It’s just the beginning.

Ahead of the Los Angeles premiere, SciFiNow caught up with the cast for an epic photo opportunity and a chat about what it was like to work on Episode VII, as well as a look back at the saga…


DAISY RIDLEYDaisy Ridley_25

“My favorite Star Wars film is Return Of The Jedi and my favourite character is Yoda because he’s so funny and cool. I love Return Of The Jedi the most because I love the Ewoks. There’s such a wonderful contrast between Luke saying farewell to his father and there being an Ewok disco in the background!”


JOHN BOYEGAOscar Isaac John Boyega_98

“I feel like Finn and Han’s relationship in the movie mirrors mine and Harrison’s. Basically, we are best friends. Harrison wouldn’t say that, but we are. We are close. Finn doesn’t have as much respect for this legacy as everybody else does, and I think Han finds that charming. The dialogue between them is pretty funny. Chewie enjoys the banter and the friction, but Han and Finn definitely have each other’s backs.”


LUPITA NYONG’OLupita Nyong'o & Gwendoline Christie 120415 Star Wars The Force Awakens - 38(1)

“A few days into the filming of The Force Awakens, I looked around and my mind exploded. The art direction in this film is incredible because every texture in it feels otherworldly. Everything you see; every colour and everything you touch feels like it’s true to the world. I definitely had a moment of, ‘Oh my God… This is real. This is really happening to me right now. I don’t want to wake up!’”

“R2-D2 is my favourite character in the Star Wars universe; especially his relationship with C-3PO. It reminds me of my relationship with my siblings, where you bicker and you understand each other – and you have a language that the rest of the world doesn’t understand, but you do. It’s a relationship where you want to be apart from them, but not for too long. I love the relationship between those two droids.”


OSCAR ISAACOscar Isaac & John Boyega 120415 Star Wars The Force Awakens - 82

“One of my most iconic moments was the first read-through, where we came to Pinewood and everyone was sitting around in a circle. That iconic black and white photo was taken that day, with R2-D2 sitting in a box in the corner of the room. Hearing Anthony Daniels speak like C-3P0 for the first time was very moving for me. You could really feel the gravity of the situation.”

“There is some really weird Star Wars merchandise out there, including a beach chair with my face on the seat. People can actually sit on my face! I thought that was an interesting placement. Why not put my face on the back of the chair? I haven’t gotten a lot of luck with this merchandising so far.”


GWENDOLINE CHRISTIELupita Nyong'o & Gwendoline Christie 120415 Star Wars The Force Awakens - 39(1)

“The first time I was introduced to Harrison Ford, I couldn’t speak. I had absolutely nothing of any interest to say. I just made noises, looked at the floor and I was then taken away, which was the best move for everyone. I was quite overwhelmed by that meeting. There was an amazing moment before we all went on stage at Comic-Con when I saw Harrison again and we were actually able to speak. I said to him, ‘You must be used to this.’ And he said, ‘You are, too. You just don’t know it yet.’ It was an incredible Yoda-like moment of wisdom.”


ADAM DRIVERAdam Driver_28

“When I was a kid, my dad had a stormtrooper helmet that he would put on and chase us around the house. He also had models of the Millennium Falcon at home, so Star Wars was always around me. I don’t remember the moment I first sat down and watched a Star Wars film. It’s just always been in my DNA from a very early age.”


HARRISON FORDHarrison Ford_82

“In The Force Awakens, you will see new things that you have never seen before. You will also see a lot of old things that you have seen before, but you will see them in a different way. Is the Millennium Falcon the same? Yeah, except it’s got an hydraulic door, which was not a good idea.”

“What’s the difference between flying the Millennium Falcon and flying a plane? The Millennium never breaks, and you can put it down anywhere. The airplane that I put down on that golf course disappointed me, but the Millennium Falcon is infallible.”

“Movies are all about pretending. Oscar Isaac knew I was a pilot and he said to me, ‘I’ve got to fly this X-Wing Fighter in the movie. How do I do that?’ I said to him, ‘You ought to just make sh*t up ‘cause nobody knows how to fly them. Don’t worry about it, you are going to be fine.’ That’s exactly what he did.”


CARRIE FISHERCarrie Fisher 120415 Star Wars The Force Awakens - 41

“Being on set was like being on campus again. When I first got there, I was sat in my trailer and I heard Harrison’s footsteps. I still know the sound of them all these years later. He came along and said without enthusiasm, ‘Hi Carrie, I’m here.’ That was a very special moment for me. The less enthusiasm, the better.”

“I have a new hairstyle in the movie, but it reminds me of a baboon’s ass. You’ll still recognise me, though. I look melted and I look my age. Unfortunately, I don’t want to look my age. I would do everything but have serious surgery to not look my age.”


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