Star Trek world record attempt in London, this Sunday

Come one, come all, dressed as anything Trek.

13156origNamco Bandai Partners is to attempt the world record for ‘the largest gathering of people dressed as Star Trek characters’ this Sunday.

The attempt, which will see fans of the series gather on the Millenium Bridge, London at 1.00pm on 14 February 2010, is being adjudicated by officials from Guinness World Records, and is also being supported by a range of prizes for attendees.

Items on offer include six lifetime subscriptions to the recently released MMORPG Star Trek Online, worth over £150 each, 10 digital copies of 2009’s summer blockbuster Star Trek, and a signed photograph of the Deep Space Nine cast. There are also five pairs of tickets to the MCM Expo event in May, limited edition Star Trek Online shirts for groups of four or more, a raffle to win an Xbox 360 console and more themed products.

“This should be an absolutely fantastic fun filled day and definitely one all fans of Star Trek should get involved in,” said Lee Kirton, Head of UK PR at Namco Bandai Partners in a press release sent to SciFiNow. “This is the chance to become part of history with a World Record for the largest group of dressed up Star Trek characters in one place. Namco Bandai will also have a bunch of fantastic prizes up for grabs on the day for the best dressed Trekkers and some prizes for just being part of the day should make it a trip worthwhile.”

Namco Bandai Partners has set up a Facebook events page here for those interested in the event, and Star Trek Online’s website can be found here.