Star Trek Online to include new gameplay additions

Expect more from this eagerly anticipated MMO

8836_390_sto_screen_101709_47 copyCryptic Studios producer Craig Zinkievich has disclosed some new additions to the Star Trek Online experience. Speaking to NowGamer in an exclusive interview, Zinkievich announced that ideas, which had been previously omitted from the upcoming MMO, could well be included at a later date. Asked about just how many features were left out Zinkievich said the following:

“Plenty,” he replies. “Some of the biggest were allowing players to play as neutral factions (like traders) or play as an officer on another player’s ship.”

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Star Trek Online is a joint effort between publisher Atari and developer Cryptic Studios. It will be released on 02 February 2010 and at this time is only confirmed to appear on PC.