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Star Trek 3 Roberto Orci responds to the rumours

Roberto Orci speaks out about his leaving Star Trek 3 and leaked plot details

star_trek_into_darknessIt was confirmed last week that Roberto Orci had left the director’s chair of Star Trek 3.

The writer and genre veteran was set to make his directorial debut on the third instalment of the rebooted series, and since he left rumours have been swirling about the reasons for his departure.

Orci has taken to the TrekMovie forum to respond (via JoBlo) to clarify a couple of things, including the fact that he’ll still be a big part of Star Trek 3.

“I will be very involved:)” he posted. “Still excited to make Trek 3! And on time. We’ll find the right director!”

He also responded to the rumour that he left after Paramount were unhappy with his script, which reportedly featured Vulcans hunting for a time travel device to stop the destruction of their planet in 2009’s Star Trek.

“no time travel was ever considered, fyi”

There was no mention of the Edgar Wright rumour, which continues to be unconfirmed, or any potential names.

How do you feel about Orci’s departure? Do you think this is a bad sign, or is some fresh blood exactly what the Trek universe needs?

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