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Star Trek 3 new writer is one of the cast

The new script for Star Trek 3 will be co-written by someone already on the Enterprise

star-trekThe slightly turbulent pre-production of Star Trek 3 looks to be settling down. Roberto Orci’s departure was followed by the hiring of Justin Lin, who helped resuscitate the Fast & Furious franchise. Now two new writers have come on board, including someone with some Trek experience…



Deadline reports that Scotty himself, Simon Pegg, will co-write the script with Doug Jung, who created the gritty TV cop show Dark Blue. Pegg’s writing cred is certainly not in doubt, nor is his obvious love of the genre. It will be interesting to see how he adapts to writing outside of comedy, although The World’s End veered into darkness and serious character study at times, and Jung, who also worked on Banshee and Big Love, can presumably bring the drama as well.

With new writers and a new director, let’s hope that Star Trek 3 moves forward a little more smoothly from here on in…

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