Star Trek 3 looks for director to replace Roberto Orci

Will a big name join the Enterprise as Roberto Orci quits Star Trek 3?

star-trekThe hunt for a new director for Star Trek 3 is on as Roberto Orci has left the production.

Variety confirmed a report that the writer of the previous two films, who had campaigned for the chance to step behind the camera for this third instalment, would no longer be directing.

While the reasons for Orci leaving are currently unclear, the rumour mill has already started up as names are being thrown around for his replacement.

Deadline has offered the most exciting alternative, suggesting Edgar Wright as a possible candidate on Paramount’s shortlist. Variety notes that Wright is a big fan of the series and directed a shot on Into Darkness. Which is a little bit exciting but obviously that kind of rumour gets thrown around a lot and we’d need confirmation from someone. Anyone. Even just a Twitter reaction.



It’s difficult to argue with this tweet from Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller, anyway.

bryan fuller tweet

The choice of Orci to direct was a controversial one among fans, especially those who were disappointed with Star Trek Into Darkness. He’ll stay on as a producer but it will be interesting to see the reaction to who steps in, especially with the 2016 release date making this a bit of an urgent decision.

Interestingly, Wright’s Ant-Man co-writer Joe Cornish was a rumoured choice to direct before Orci stepped up, but no one’s mentioned his name since the position became vacant. We’ll just have to wait and see. Impatiently.

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