Star Trek 2’s Benedict Cumberbatch is [massive spoiler]

Fan favourite Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, The Hobbit)’s identity in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek sequel has been confirmed (maybe), and other, smaller spoilers – don’t say you weren’t warned

Star Trek 2 JJ Abrams

Star Trek 2 JJ Abrams
JJ Abrams on set with the cast of 2009's Star Trek reboot

There was an attempt to spin out some ambiguity, but reckons Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is in fact playing genetic superman and iconic Star Trek villain Khan Noonien Singh in JJ Abrams’ as-yet-untitled Star Trek sequel, referred to, much to the growing frustration of Trekkies, as Star Trek 2. wisely observes that “Trek’s new filmmakers have often cited the Christopher Nolan’s Batman series as their model, with the second film The Dark Knight successfully bringing back the Joker, and Khan is the closest to Trek gets to Batman’s Joker.

“And again the team kind of already let the cat out of the bag on this one when they recorded the DVD commentary back in 2009 and said they had considered a post-credits scene showing the Botany Bay, Khan’s sleeper ship.”

Two other fresh bits of news, that could constitute mild spoilers, are that despite his earlier retirement, Leonard Nimoy will be returning as Spock Prime, the elderly Spock from the alternate universe where the events of Star Trek: The Original Series played out, and that Klingons, featured in a deleted scene in Abrams 2009 Star Trek, will have a bigger part to play in the sequel.