Stake Land TV series is in development

Jim Mickle and Nick Damici are adapting their vampire movie Stake Land for TV

Nick Damici faces the vampire hordes in Stake Land
Nick Damici faces the vampire hordes in Stake Land

Jim Mickle and Nick Damici’s 2010 cult vampire movie Stake Land is being adapted by the filmmakers into a TV show.

The Wrap reveals that the pair are working to expand the postapocalyptic world of the film into a series, working with producer Greg Newman.

The film starred Damici as a man making his way across a ruined America with a teenage boy (Connor Paolo), teaching him how to survive. It also starred Kelly McGillis, Danielle Harris and Larry Fessenden.

Damici has stated that the series will take place seven years after the events of the film, and will show off many new strains of bloodsucker.

“They all mutated, there’s tons of different vamps. I said to Greg, the only thing I’ll need — I’ll write my ass off — the only thing is I’ve got to have enough of a budget to have flying vamps. It spread to animals, so we’ve got vamp dogs and a vamp bear.”

Damici and Mickle also collaborated on the superb We Are What We Are, and recently made a splash at Sundance with their adaptation of Joe Lansdale’s revenge tale Cold In July.

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