Spoiler: V – S01E03

Get up to speed with this recap of last night’s episode of V.

Picture 1Episode 03: A Bright New Day
US Air Date: 17 November 2009
Writer: Diego Gutierrez, Christine Roum
Director: Yves Simoneau

Erica and Jack continue their mission to round up more members of their resistance movement. At the same time Ryan goes on a search to find members of the rebel group the V Fifth Column. On the mothership Dale is alive but suffering from amnesia; Anna’s right-hand man, Marcus, attempts to jolt his memories in order to ascertain just who was in the warehouse during the attack. Under cloudy motives Erica is brought along to the Visitors Peace centre, but in doing so she finds herself thwarting a fake assassination attempt. This gives her access to do some snooping around, and in doing so she makes some interesting discoveries in a surveillance room. But trouble is never far away for Erica, as Tyler gets involved with Visitor Lisa. This leads to the revelation that Lisa is in fact Anna’s daughter and the two have grand plans for him.