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Spoiler: Supernatural – S05E09

Breaking the fourth wall with panache.

SUPERNATURALAfter receiving an urgent message from Chuck, the boys race to a large hotel, only to find that their super fan Becky has tricked them into turning up to the very first Supernatural convention. Inside, the attendees dress like Sam and Dean and a variety of the monsters they have encountered, owing to the success of Chuck’s novels in the cult scene. A number of activities are organised, including a Live Action Role Play hunt, which unfortunately turns very real when it turns out that the organisers based the hunt on a real legend, which happens to have real, murderous ghosts.

With the help of two Sam and Dean LARPers, Sam and Dean manage to burn the bones of the woman they believe to be responsible, who apparently butchered four children several years ago at the hotel, including her own son. As it turns out, however, she was merely keeping the ghosts of the other three children in line, who scalped her son to begin with. Sam and Dean battle with the ghost children, who are eventually destroyed by LARP Sam and Dean.

As the brothers prepare to depart, Becky, who has transferred her manic affections to Chuck, reveals that through her obsession with the books she knows that Bela didn’t hand the Colt over to Lilith several years ago. Instead it’s in the hands of one of Lilith’s lieutenants, Crowley.