Spoiler: Supernatural – S05E07

We recap on the latest of Sam and Dean’s adventures.

b9c5f16e1ab6133f41c59148d76f811a-1Episode 07: The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester
US Air Date: 29 October 2009
Writer: Sera Gamble, Jenny Klein
Director: Robert Singer

A man named Xavier ages rapidly and dies in front of his shocked wife. Sam and Dean investigate this death and are lead to a hotel; here they discover a travelling poker master, Patrick, could be involved in deaths similar to Xavier’s. Dean locates Patrick and discovers Bobby took part in a game in order to overcome his disability; it turns out he lost. Dean confronts Patrick and is duped. Later on Sam finds Dean and he has aged by a lot of years. A woman named Lia soon arrives and proclaims that she can undo all of the spells Patrick has put on people. The team soon splits with Lia and Sam heading to the poker table, while Dean and Bobby go grave digging in order to set off a reversal spell. Sam beats Patrick at his own game and restores Dean’s youthful good looks. With the situation now resolved, Bobby casts away his dark thoughts of suicide and realises he is still a valuable member of the team.