Spoiler: Stargate Universe – S01E07

Another slow episode, but far more dense.

dlYoung, Eli and Chloe visit Earth using the communication stones, where they are informed by O’Neill that there is a plan to provide enough power to the Gate to dial Earth by activating it when the ship is regaining its power from a sun. Young says that he will let the crew vote, but O’Neill insists that it will happen.

Meanwhile, Colonel Telfer relieves Young of command and insists that preparations are made. Rush resists, but after a crewmember is injured making meticulous repairs to power conduits and a talk from Wray, he agrees to help. On Earth, Eli visits his mother but can’t bring himself to tell her what has happened, and joins Chloe for a night out. Chloe discovers that her friends are more concerned with how their futures stand now that their link to the Senate is gone now her father is dead, and that her best friend was responsible for her relationship break up. Eli and Chloe share a drunken kiss in the car, but it is clear that she doesn’t have feelings for him.

Young reconnects with his wife and we learn that an affair with TJ was responsible for their estrangement, but during sex, a glitch in the communication machine means that Telfer re-inhabits his own body, before transferring back again when the ship enters or leaves FTL. The plan is eventually put into action, but is quietly sabotaged by Rush. Telfer and the two other scientists leave when it looks as if the ship will explode, and the procedure is shut down. Later, Young tells the Homeworld Security council that he will be deciding the ship’s agenda from now on. He also meets with Eli and tells him to analyse what happened with the Gate, as he believes Rush is hiding something again. The last scene sees Telford appear at Rush’s wife’s door.