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Spoiler: Stargate Universe – S01E04

We have the skinny on this latest episode of SGU.

NUP_133847_0358-550x365Episode 04: Darkness
US Air Date: 16 October 2009
Writer: Brad Wright
Director: Peter DeLuise

As the crew begin to settle down on the Destiny, Eli starts using the Kino to record short video messages. Around this time Colonel Young starts issuing out details to the survivors, keeping everyone busy. Rush isn’t so organised and while suffering from nicotine and caffeine withdrawal, he develops a short temper. As his frustrations grow the ship goes into shutdown and can only offer life support to the crew. Rush points out that Young’s dialling back to Earth caused this. He then collapses. A power struggle ensues between Young and Telford, with the latter sure that Young is mishandling the situation. The team later discover that Destiny fell short of reaching a nearby solar system. After using a slingshot manoeuvre to get back on track, the ship is instead set on a collision course with a star.