Spoiler: Smallville – S09E08

The Blur meets the Wonder Twins in this action packed Smallville episode

fb275caf3ac61ef8_largeEpisode 08: Idol
US Air Date: 13 November 2009
Writer: Anne Cofell
Director: Glen Winter

Lois receives a large container delivery of police officers; all of them claim that the Blur wrongly served justice on them. Clark and Chloe struggle to find out whom this impostor could be that carried out the police swoop; at the same time transforming-siblings Jayna and Zan attack a drug kingpin. They leave behind the House of El crest. Surveying the aftermath of this event, Clark finds Jayna’s mobile phone. He hunts down Jayna and her brother, knocks them out and takes them back to the Watchtower. They explain they were only trying to help him and are fans of his superhero plight. With the city turning on his alter ego, Clark decides to come clean in a press conference. Corrupt city official Ray Sacks is soon rumbled by Lois and throws her from a rooftop. Clark, Jayna and Zan soon save her. The episode ends with Lois and Clark kissing, but during this moment Lois has a startling vision of an enslaved Metropolis.