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Spoiler: Smallville – S09E05

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smallville_9x5_roulette-3Episode 05: Roulette
US Air Date: 23 October 2009
Writer: Genevieve Sparling
Director: Kevin Fair

Following a brief encounter with a woman, Victoria, at a casino, Oliver wakes up in a sealed coffin. After breaking out of the coffin he finds himself in a warehouse. He manages to get away but a track slams into his escape vehicle. At the Kent farm Clark is struggling to hide his activities from Lois, and being Oliver’s birthday the two go to visit him. Recovering from the crash, Oliver runs into the girl from the casino; she tells him that they are involved in something before seemingly getting killed. Oliver is implicated in this. An FBI interrogation turns out to be a trap and Clark storms in to rescue Oliver; it turns out he is back in the warehouse. Victoria is alive and kidnaps Lois. Following a standoff with Oliver it is revealed that all this was a ploy for Oliver to realise his potential as a hero. With a Kandorian threat now looming, Clark reunites with Oliver on a rooftop. Oliver pledges to help him.