Spoiler: Heroes – S04E09

A recap on last night’s episode of Heroes.

Picture 1Episode 09: Brother’s Keeper
US Air Date: 16 November 2009
Writer: Rob Fresco, Mark Verheiden
Director: Bryan Spicer

With Hiro now working at his bidding, Samuel instructs him to travel back in time to find a man named Mohinder Suresh. Meanwhile Tracy meets up with Claire and says she needs to see Noah, but Claire soon finds herself having to help Tracy who is freezing at a fast rate. At this time Rene tells Peter and Nathan that he was sent to wipe their memories, this meeting ends with Rene giving Peter an address. Once Peter and Nathan reach the address they find Nathan’s body hidden in a lockup. After touching it Nathan has a glimpse of Matt and Sylar. They reach Matt, heal him and Nathan finds himself brushing hands with Sylar therefore becoming him; this in turn frees Matt from his predicament. Hiro manages to trick Samuel while at the same time fulfilling the deed he set him, this still doesn’t bring him any closer to Charlie.