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Spoiler: FlashForward – S01E08

There’s something shady going on in the world of FlashForward.

7184Episode 08: Playing Cards With Coyote
US Air Date:
12 November 2009
Marc Guggenheim, Barbara Nance
Nick Gomez

Simcoe sends out an email urging four of his cohorts to go public with the experiment. Simon is against this course of action and suggests all involved play poker, if Simcoe wins then his going public plan can go ahead. Simcoe goes on to win the game. Meanwhile Janis toys with retiring while a woman named Ingrid captures footage of a gunman bearing the same star tattoo as the assailants that attacked Mark in his flashforward. In the video he is murdering a man and taking a briefcase. Upon further inspection Janis notices that the gunman is wearing a ring. At a military base the aforementioned case is exchanged between two men bearing the star tattoos. The case is delivered to a bearded man; he opens the case and it contains six rings with Greek symbols on. He exclaims that there should be seven, before shooting the delivery man.