Snowblind David S Goyer developing miniseries

Christopher Golden’s horror novel Snowblind optioned by David S Goyer and Universal

SnowblindChristopher Golden’s eerie small-town horror novel Snowblind has been optioned by Universal and is being developed as a potential miniseries by David S Goyer.

Deadline reports that Goyer is working on the adaptation of the novel, which sees a number of the local population simply disappear during a tremendous blizzard. Now, 12 years later, a similar storm is building, and it seems as though some of the missing might have come back. Are they who they say there are, and have they come alone?

Golden’s novel is atmospheric and the opening chapters that focus on the first event are particularly chilling. While it’s not long enough to say that a film adaptation wouldn’t be able to fit everything in, a miniseries would fit its structure nicely and the characters are interesting enough that more time spent with them would almost certainly pay off.

Deadline also points out that the novel got a ringing endorsement from Stephen King, who called it “the real deal,” which never hurts.

You can buy Snowblind in paperback for £7.85 at