Smallville’s Justin Hartley to appear in Arrow?

Smallville’s Green Arrow is welcome in The CW spin-off

Smallville Green Arrow

Smallville Green Arrow
Justin Hartley as the Green Arrow in Smallville

Justin Hartley appeared as Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, in 28 episodes of The CW’s young Superman TV series Smallville, but now there might be a role for him in the show’s spiritual successor, Arrow.

“We have some funny ideas for how to include Hartley,” Kreisberg told Green Arrow TV. “More than anything, Justin has been so amazing and so supportive of this.

“Neither of us really knew him before we worked on this pilot. We actually met him during pilot season, and he’s just been so cool… and he and [Arrow star Stephen Amell] have actually developed a nice friendship.

“So, we hope, in the same way that in the Superman movies you would see actors from previous incarnations joined in some way… if there’s an opportunity down the road for Justin to play with us, that would be great.”

Arrow is expected to air on Sky One HD later in the year.