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Spoiler: Smallville – S09E04

We have a full recap on this US airing of the latest Smallville episode.

Promo-Picture-Echo-smallville-8359117-1450-967-1Episode 04: Echo
US Air Date: 16 October 2009
Writer: Bryan Miller
Director: Wayne Rose

A man wearing a puppet mask holds a building hostage; Clark manages to save everyone but begins to hear voices in his head. Clark visits the Fortress Of Solitude and learns that this is a new development in his journey to becoming a superhero. Things aren’t all bad though, as Clark manages to bag a date with Lois. But trouble brews when he realises Toyman was behind the early hostage event. In a planned scheme Toyman makes a beeline for Oliver and forces him to publicly admit to Lex’s murder. Clark is present at this and manages to stop Toyman from setting off an explosion. Tess visits Toyman in his holding cell, and after putting a bullet in his leg presents him with Metallo’s heart – she wants to know how it works. Meanwhile, Clark and Lois discuss whether a second date will ever arise.