Sleepy Hollow Season 2 spoilers: “Maybe Jenny’s dead!”

Sleepy Hollow’s Lyndie Greenwood on Jenny’s future and Ichabby vs Ichatrina

Lyndie Greenwood as Jenny in Sleepy Hollow
Lyndie Greenwood as Jenny in Sleepy Hollow

The first season of Sleepy Hollow ended on a hell of cliffhanger for absolutely everyone, and one of the characters whose fate was left in the balance was Abbie Mills’ (Nicole Beharie) sister Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) following a horrific car crash.

Speaking to SciFiNow, Greenwood tells us that her reaction to the script was the same as our reaction the episode.

“Nauseating!” she laughs. “I read a draft before that that was even scarier. It was actually for the episode before where Jenny gets possessed in ‘Vessel’, she was possibly going to be possessed at the end of that episode again, like the demon wasn’t ever expelled, and so I was really worried after reading that. ‘OK, Jenny’s fully dead.’ I’m just waiting for the next script. Luckily they cut that part out and then when I read the final episode it was a whole new set of fears! Maybe Jenny is dead, maybe she isn’t! But it was interesting because all the producers and the other cast were like “Don’t worry, Jenny’s coming back, Jenny’s coming back,” I just had no faith in that really until I found out for sure that I was.”

“She could be dead because on this show we have many characters that die and still come back so just the fact that I’m a series regular doesn’t necessarily mean that Jenny’s alive!”

Together with John Noble, Greenwood got the promotion to series regular for Season Two, which is great news for fans of the headstrong, resourceful and generally all-round badass Jenny.

“It is a really good feeling yeah, it’s exciting,” she tells us. “It felt sort of like I was series regular last season, because I was luckily there so often and got to know the cast and crew so well, and really got to explore Jenny and grow with her so it’s really great to have it be officially the case that I am a series regular.”

“I think Jenny has a lot to bring to the table and I’m really excited to see more of how she gained all of this knowledge. How she prepared herself for all of these years that we haven’t seen, so I’m really really excited about it.”

Jenny quickly emerged as Sleepy Hollow's most badass character
Jenny quickly emerged as Sleepy Hollow’s most badass character

Hopefully we’ll get to see just how Jenny became the bad-ass Sarah Connor-esque warrior she was revealed to be (“It’s hard not to [recall Sarah Connor] when the first thing they have her do is pull-ups and chin-ups in her psych ward cell!”) and we’ll get to see the relationship between her and Abbie develop, as the bickering siblings seemed to be approaching a healthy, happy point.

“Well, I think they would have reached a healthy point in their relationship had Abbie not gone and gotten herself stuck in Purgatory so we’ll see what happens with that,” laughs Greenwood. “It was really cool to see that relationship develop. It was cool as an actor to be able to work with Nicole because she’s a phenomenal actress, but also because we didn’t know each other before so our relationship developed as Jenny and Abbie’s relationship developed. That was really kind of neat to explore. And by the end of Season One we were quite comfortable working with each other and it was, they’re very uncomfortable scenes but it was kind of synchronistic or analogous the way that Jenny and Abbie developed the way that Nicole and Lyndie were sort of developing in the background.”

Of course, one developing relationship that we can’t wait to see more of is that of Abbie and Ichabod…”You’re not going to ask me which one I ‘ship are you?” asks Greenwood. Indeed we are.

“Argh, oh no, I’m not sure I can commit to an answer!” she exclaims. “Is there an Ich-enny? No, I don’t want to go there. What’s the Ichabod and Katrina? Ichatrina, that makes sense. I’m going to have to go for that, I think that Ichabod and Abbie, they have a relationship that is beyond this world and to maybe put it into terms like romantic love I think it almost cheapens it a bit, I think their bond goes way beyond that. I think Ichabod and  Katrina are an amazing couple and they should fight for their love.”

Sleepy Hollow Season Two begins on Universal 6 October in the UK. Keep up with the latest TV news with the new issue of SciFiNow.