Sleepy Hollow casts True Blood’s James Frain

James Frain joins Sleepy Hollow as a threat to Ichabod Crane.

James Frain as Franklin in True Blood
James Frain as Franklin in True Blood

Sleepy Hollow, which showed its highly entertaining pilot this week in the US, has cast True Blood‘s James Frain as a potential threat to our hero Ichabod Crane.

TVLine reports that Frain (who was psycho vamp Franklin in True Blood) will play “Rutledge, a modern-day nobleman who will interrogate Ichabod, who is being passed off as a ‘visiting Oxford professor,’ about his past.” If that doesn’t sound threatening enough, the site also reveals that “Rutledge harbors a secret that could affect Ichabod’s future.”

Sleepy Hollow begins on 9 October on Universal in the UK.