Sinister Six line-up revealed for Spider-Man spin-off

Drew Goddard’s Sinister Six Amazing Spider-Man spin-off teases the full cast

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ComingSoon revealed a special Amazing Spider-Man 2 end-of-credits sting for smartphone users, that delivered a details of Drew Goddard’s Sinister Six spin-off film to them via the Shazam app.

The images above would suggest the line-up to be Rhino and Green Goblin, who we already met in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, plus Doctor Octopus and Vulture.

The last two are trickier, 80 per cent certain the first one is Kraven the Hunter based on the split-lion face design, but elsehwere on the internet some geeks are insisting its Scorpion.

The final one, 60 per cent certain it’s Mysterio – just from the whisp of smoke and the fact that he’s a classic member of the Sinister Six – but others believe it could be either Chameleon or Shocker.

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