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Silmarillion movie could happen in 2 or 3 years

Peter Jackson and Hobbit star Richard Armitage on the rumoured The Silmarillion film

Peter Jackson on the set of The Hobbit
Peter Jackson on the set of The Hobbit

Speaking to Variety, The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings trilogy director Peter Jackson revealed that while he’s done with Middle-Earth for the time being, he’s open to returning lending credence to those rumours of a movie based on The Silmarillion – the history of the world and the One Ring that he dipped into for much of The Hobbit‘s extra material.

“If I had to start tomorrow, I would say no,” explained Jackson, “because I definitely would appreciate a break to clear my head and get my little New Zealand stories done, which is where my passion and my heart is heading now.

“But ask me in two or three years, and I’d probably say yes. It would be hard to see another filmmaker go into this world, because I certainly have an emotional ownership of it.”

Thorin star Richard Armitage previously told MTV, “I’m sure the lure of The Silmarillion will bring [Peter Jackson] back to Middle-Earth.

“I think he loves Middle-Earth. I think he’s defined what it looks like. He’s created all of those worlds that Tolkien talks about. It’s obviously irresistible to him.”

Obviously there’s quite a copyright mountain to climb, but stranger things have happened…

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