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Shutter Island TV show could be awesome

Shutter Island TV series is coming from HBO and Martin Scorsese, and it’ll be killer

Leonardo DiCaprio as Teddy Daniels in Shutter Island
Leonardo DiCaprio as Teddy Daniels in Shutter Island

According to Deadline, Martin Scorsese, HBO and Paramount Television are working on a TV series based on the 2010 “psychological thriller” (= pant-wetting horror) Shutter Island, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio.

The series is tentatively called Ashecliff, and much like Boardwalk Empire, Martin Scorsese will direct the pilot episode, which is being written by Dennis Lehane – the original author of the Shutter Island book, as well as Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone.

Rather than be a thinly stretched adaptation like From Dusk Till Dawn, Ashecliffe will focus on “the past of hospital, and the secrets and misdeeds perpetrated by its founders who erected the hospital in the early 20th Century and developed the methods of treatment use for the mentally ill.”

There’s no shortage of movies making the jump to TV series at the moment, but this has a better chance than most – it’s HBO, it’s got Martin Scorsese taking an active role, the original writer expanding on his world, and perhaps most crucially, it’s offering something entirely new.

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