Seveneves film will be directed by Ron Howard

Ron Howard will direct the film of Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves

We’ve been hearing rumblings about a film adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s masterpiece Snow Crash for years now, but it looks like the author’s latest book might beat it to the big screen.

THR reports that Ron Howard will direct the film of Stephenson’s book Seveneves.

It’s a dense doorstop of a sci-fi novel, which “follows the human race as a catastrophic event leaves them scrambling to survive. Nations band together to devise an ambitious plan to ensure the survival of humanity far beyond our atmosphere, in outer space. Five thousand years later, their progeny — seven distinct races now three billion strong — embark on yet another audacious journey into the unknown: back to Earth.”

Howard’s Apollo 13 screenwriter William Broyles Jr will be tackling the script. He’s also the writer of Jarhead, Cast Away, Flags Of Our Fathers, and the Tim Burton Planet Of The Apes.

This is pretty hard SF for Howard, whose CV has been fairly light on genre material since the heady days of Willow, Cocoon and Splash (unless you count those Dan Brown movies…), so we’re interested to see what he’ll bring to it.

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