See The Dark Knight in the IMAX again

BFI London IMAX to host Batman all-nighter this Friday.

dark_knight_18The BFI London IMAX will be hosting back-to-back screenings of four Batman films this Friday in the United Kingdom’s capital city, according to a press release from the BFI.

The event will start with Batman, followed by Batman Returns, and for fans of the updated Caped Crusader they will in turn be followed by screenings of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The IMAX will also be hosting late-night screenings of The Dark Knight again over the next two weekends, on 21 November, 27 November and 28 November at 11:30 pm.

Batman and Batman Returns will be presented in 35mm while the other two will be in IMAX format. Tickets for the all-nighter cost £26 for adults, £16 for students and £18 for concessions, and are available through the BFI website at The event kicks off at 11:30 pm.